How would the world be 40 years from now? Population, technology, cure of diseases, transportation and privacy?

I’ve decided to write some thoughts that crossed my mind together with researches, books I’ve read and check this post again in 2059 (I hope I’m still alive) and who knows what will become the LinkedIn version in 2059. I hope I can be back on February 2059 to see if something that I wrote make any sense.

Feel free not to go ahead reading this and save your valuable time.

Here we go.

The year 2059 has come. This year it will start the first test called HLVT (Human Low Voltage Technology) that uses human body electric impulses to charge small devices. Scientists found a way via femtochip technology brain implant to intercept synapses and changing their structures. Since 2038 pico technology is no longer used.

More than 10 billion people are living on earth and 1.7 Billion only in India (since 2023 India has beat China as the most populated country on earth).

Because the petrol crises in 2040, 85% of fuel came from the solar system, devices, water or biofuel technologies. The world sales of electric vehicles reach more than 25 million units. 15% of all houses in the World have replaced sockets per microwave electric charges. The global number of Internet connected devices reach more than 200 billion.

Cloud vendors are launching 35+ features per day. They only use real-time presentations accessing all kinds of data because information is changing very fast.

Since 2052 Amazon has started HSVPD for small deliveries. The High Speed Vacuum Pipe Delivery is a way to deliver up to 4 minutes small packages using a specific tube pipe technology that directly interconnects high tech warehouses with ADH (Automated Delivery Houses). Amazon is planning to start to deliver medium packages via HSVPD in 2061. This type of technology is still expensive. This service is only available in specific areas in the US. Deliveries via drones were discontinued 15 years ago due to air traffic control issues.

Since 2055 when a person is born, some countries have started to replace all paper documents by GP/IP (Global Person Identity Protocol) using a so called under skin femtochip. There is no more ID, driver licence, passports and all other personal documents. The GP/IP uses biometric technology with CS (Cardiac Scan).

NSAG (National Solar Aircrafts Group) flights have taken place since 2040 but they are still not fast enough as the standard ISF (International Supersonic Flights).

China has finished the UHL (Underwater Hyperloop) to the US and Canada. Now the CRCA (China-Russia-Canada-America) route is completed and is connecting these countries underwater with more than 13,000 km.

The BSD (Blood Surrogate Defense) has become less expensive to treat complex diseases like cancer (there are still a few types of cancer but 85% was eliminated using BSD technology. This technique consists on extracts the person unhealthy blood, send it to a specialized laboratory that will analyze the blood and via software creates a genetic composition that will be sent back to the person via transfusion eliminating the disease.

The GPP (Gun Predict Program) has been approved to be tested in some countries where civilians can use guns. This is still a beta test program but consists on predicting behavior mixing AI, proximity sensor, finger print and face scan real time identification that can predict if an unauthorized person accidentally picks up a weapon. The GPP will be able to identify the size of the hand, the presence of the person and can automatically lock the weapon before an unauthorized person can make any shot. This information will also be sent to the GGMP (Global Gun Monitoring Program) together with the local police. Many other countries are against this program and nothing has been officially approved.

Insurance companies are using the Personal Privacy Data Framework to start to give more benefits to the customers if they are allowed by CS (Cardiac Scan) consent to access their personal information in GCPD (Global Central Personal Data). Since 2042 the GCPD has replaced all kinds of Geo privacy data across the globe like GDPR. This process consists on checking all customer’s history and according to their results the company will be able to provide for example a better car insurance depending on each person’s history. This also becomes a controversial item because is pushing people to share their private information in exchanging some benefits.

Leonardo Bissoli.


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